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What are you doing for international men's day...?


What are you doing for international men's day...?

I retweeted a bunch of tweets that were supportive of men and acknowledged the problems they face and some pro-International Men's Day tweets. Fuck all the misandrist feminazis who criticize and make fun of that needed day. Women get catered to every day o


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Same as I do for every year for that “holiday”: NOTHING.

banging hoes

I gave up on being male so I guess I don't care but I did see this post and thought it was very good

Answered by Karina

I am super nice to my male contacts, two said today I made their day by being extra polite since so many other people are mad and sick and uncivilised these days and everybody blames COVID as an excuse to be an unusual asshole.

Answered by Kate

Send rape porn to feminists. Dem dames need to know who's boss. THERE IS NO, NO! ONLY NO, PLEASE DONT STOP! 🤣


peeing outside

Getting paid less than them for the same amount of work

Just another day

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never heard of it.

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