Pandy asked 8 months ago

Do you need a hug?


Do you need a hug?


Too late for that.

Answered by board

yeah sure

Answered by xvilyv

I don't need one right now, but a hug would be nice from the right person.

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Answered by kelcey

Yes. I’m tired, but it’s my own fault.

Answered by LaDamaX

No, even if I do on some level, hugs don't do anything for me. I'm too high-strung and detached.

Answered by inhahe

I need a trillion and thirty three hugs

when I said do not TOUCH me and do not LOOK at me I meant it

Ye, aight bruh... 🤔 Stuffs le wallet down ma pants

Answered by IAWIA

More often than I get one.

Noooope, no hugs. They took me into the office yesterday (and everyone else one at a time) to tell us we'd been exposed to CV19 by another coworker. my favorite part was that they let me work my entire shift before they told me. They're supposed to call me


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Yes. I do.. But it's not happening. So why to whine more about it

Answered by DUST

I never needed a hug.

No and stay 2 meters away from me you weirdo!