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What is your least favourite thing about summer?


What is your least favourite thing about summer?

That it's hot. I dislike extreme heat.

All the annoying insects coming back -- flies, mosquitoes, ...

Oh, God...too many things. The heat, the brightness, how early the sun comes up...too many to choose.

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Sleeping. The nights are too hot. I like to sleep in a cool room.

All the pple walking around with their bits on show lol

Answered by IAWIA

The heat by a long shot.

Answered by nick

it's the time to go out and spend time in the sun but the sun will fucking come for me and my skin

That it has an end :(

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It's really humid here during the summer. And since I was a child the worst events in my life always seem to happen May through July. iNCLUING mY bIRTH !

It goes by too fast.

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How about that heat.

Pollen, grass season starts to kick off this week.

don't have one

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