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What are your thoughts on the Taliban taking the capital of Afghanistan?


What are your thoughts on the Taliban taking the capital of Afghanistan?

Another draw for America to go with Vietnam!

Absolutely amazing, me and the boys have been planning this for the past 20 years

They've taken the entire country.

I think the Taliban are going around executing people and lying in their press conferences that they are going to uphold human rights, specifically women's rights. This is a lie - Sharia law is not kind to women and we all know it. Already, people are disappearing.

People were not chasing down that plane for no reason - they know what is coming. Rape, death, bloodshed, no education for female children - a country once again torn apart from conflict and the civilians almost certainly going to be caught up in drone strikes and the like.

The Taliban want ''peace'' but only on their terms. They just


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There's a picture that's gone viral comparing the fall of Saigon to this absolute shit show unfolding in Kabul. Fucking disgraceful, worse than Orange Hitler abandoning the Kurds in Iraq.

I think it's funny Democracy Savior Joe Biden was on camera calling it 'highly unlikely' a month ago, either his 'experts' are stupid or lying, and either reflects poorly on him, as it makes him a stooge or a co-conspirator...people are calling it a failure but really America got what it wanted - trillions in spending, the extraction of resources, etc.

America ousts assholes who don't play ball with them, America installs assholes the locals hate, the locals revolt and a worse asshole fills the power void, rinse and repeat forever apparently

They had an agreement since longer, probably with the Trump admin.