Pandy asked 6 months ago

Are you a 'warm body' or someone who gets cold easily?

There's only room for calculated coldness in ma personality ;)


I use to be fully immune to cold, then last year my heart went out in the coldest week on record. And now I get cold very easily


I used to get hot (when it wasn't). I'm not cold so I suppose I'm still warm.


I'm cold 97% of the time.

My hands and feet constantly feel like blocks of ice


People who like to be very random with others might think that I'm Satan.


I've noticed that 'coat weather' for me tends to be at a lower temperature than other people.

I'm a cool dude, only in a literal sense.


I'm warm, and everybody feels the need to put their damn freezing hands and feet on me 😒



Im constantly warm..perhaps its my energy aura


I'm not as sensitive to the cold as I used to be, for some reason. First time I saw snow (a couple of years ago) it was like 12 degrees outside and I was walking around outside with only a t-shirt, windpants and no no shoes on.


I got the cold toe disease ... so probably on the cold side.