Pandy asked 6 months ago

What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

been born


Sail through a storm


mouth off to my mother

In my early teens, my friend held a metal spoon to a gas hob igniter and then dared me to do it as well. I don't know how dangerous the electric shock actually was but it was pretty unpleasant.

Intentionally? Well, I said, "I could make better breadsticks in my ass" to my brother while he was raving about Olive Garden's breadsticks and also driving. He could have been so offended that he reached over to slap me and hit a dog, or merged with oncom


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i was that dumb kid u may have seen hanging off the back of buses, also use to hang on to the bumper of cars while i was on a skateboard like Marty in Back to the future:)

Hitch hiked. I didn’t have too many options at the time. I was in the middle of nowhere and my car broke down. Luckily I was picked up and dropped off at a nearby restaurant by a nice man, and not a serial killer.


When I was 18 I got blackout drunk with a friend who had as much to drink as I did. She drove us both home and somehow we both made it back in one piece. She even pulled the window down to puke while driving as was evident by the splattered barf on the sid


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getting really, really, really drunk


probably switching out of a lane suddenly to avoid getting trapped behind a bus making a stop. someone angrily sped past me afterward and made full eye contact with me so I can only assume I almost hit him

i'll get back to you on that


5 years without health insurance / Molotov Chocktails

I did some. Probably from a "normal" perspective it was diving with sharks, but from a reasonable perspective it's living with humans that is the most dangerous adventure. And it's not over yet.


I can't think of anything remarkebly dangerous, living the safe life.