Pandy asked 6 months ago

Have you ever been thrown up on?

After giving a sarcastic rethoric snark, yes. I wish I could unremember that moment.


Haha, once...


No, never


no! i would be pissed off


A little yeh, but not like in the movies or The Exorcist style. I've gotten some of the blowback after drunk people puked near me, but it was never really on me entirely. I've been in a bed that someone threw up in. I've held a couple babies that have sp


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Thankfully no. But here's a fun fact for you, George W. Once barfed on the Emperor of Japan lol


No, I don't think so.


Just a little bit, a couple of drops on my shoe. I was at a fair on the Rainbow ride and I was feeling a little queasy and I really didn't want to throw up, so I psychically offloaded some of the pressure to those around me.. then the guy sitting right nex


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Yep. Many times.


Not that I remember? Not by a person, anyway. Maybe by one of my cats

no i would kill someone if that happened