Pandy asked 6 months ago

Has a bird ever pooped on you?

Yeah, in line at an amusement park. It got like two rows of people. Luckily it was the last ride of the day.


Yes, I loved that parrot regardless.


Yes. A seagull attacked me while landing on a pole high beyond my reach. The bloody beast!



No, but they've got my car more than once.


I can think of at least three times. Seagulls are savages.

Not that I remember, but it's possible that it happened and I forgot. I forget a lot of things. :/


lol maybe when i was a kid


I don't really remember a trauma like that.

Yeh, like one time I was in a moving car with the window down and bird poop flew in and landed on the back of my hand. Pretty sure that bird must have done that intentionally.

Twice. Once a bird shit on my new hat just as I got home. Another time one shit on my finger as I reached out to press the crosswalk sign.


No, I don't think so.


No, but a kid has. What’s your pick? Bird vs. Baby.


Nah, never been that lucky