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🔹Yel ou ol (fr)🔹They/them or Ze/zir (en)🔹Li (eo)🔹 Gameing, anarchism, tarot, astrology Fandoms: Voltron, SU, HP, AtlA, ALoK, Yuri on Ice

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Kyuminna asked over 1 year ago · 15 Answers


Kyuminna asked over 1 year ago · 15 Answers
If you would have a giant plushie, what will it be and what name will you give it ? :3

I've already had one when I was little! A big pink bear, taller than me at the time. But I don't remember his name and I'm not sure what happened to it. Today... I'd have a whale or a killing whale. As for the name... Gloubi? Maybe?

Kyuminna asked over 1 year ago · 14 Answers
What's your type of people ?

Clearly similar political views is kind of important (I'm an anarcho-communist, most leftists are ok in my book). Otherwise bad jokes and humor also are big qualities, I also tend to get along with extrovert/ambivert people!