I like to draw and I like Newgrounds stuff n old/Y2K things yeah yeah. they/it's pls

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Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

Parra jumoscare

EPIC GAMER CYRIL asked 2 months ago

sesame seeds

Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago
what was the toughest or most difficult drawing you've done so far Would you like to see an official spinoff title focused on the gothpunks with whole brand new gameplay mechanics and new backstory for them?
  1. Honestly I can't even remember. Maybe it was something I did like 2 or so years ago tho LOL art isn't super difficult for me, just tedious and can get monotonous so I take frequent breaks. If a drawing isn't working out I leave it unfinished tbh.

  2. No, honestly. I like the mystery on the gothpunks as is, and I feel like an entire (official) spinoff of them would make them lose their edge for me. But in a satirical AU version where they do dumb shit, maybe. Anything touching upon their lore though, nah.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

Would you rather have a revived Pico Roulette game or a finished Pico 2?

Revived Pico Roulette. Pico 2 would be super cool too but honestly the multiplayer functionality of Pico Roulette would be amazing. Pico 2 could be saved for another time if I'm honest. Plus Pico Roulette already has all the assets done, just needs a server. Pico 2 would take a lot of time.

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

i had a dream with u in it and you got a gf so like congrats on getting that big booby gf of your dreams (p.s. i got jealous)

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

which pico character is the gayest and which is the straightest

Pico is the gayest for sure (im my opinion) but if you want a character that's like- gay af both literally and like in personality or something than prolly Alucard? the straightest dude tho gotta be MS/Mr. flacits old ass ew (/hj)

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

im gonna pee YOUR pants

YOU'RE GONNA PISS MY PANTS? That's it im taking away Alucard