Chris Martinez asked 9 days ago · 8 Answers
What do u think about deleting a kid's video game data or destroying a kid's console as punishment? Tbh my grandma would break my toys if I was being bad. I didnt really have video games growing up so she'd smash the next best thing lol 😆

Most of the things parents punish kids for is stupid sh*t that they shouldn't be punished for. Kids just want to be free, instead of being unnaturally owned by, subordinate to and micromanaged by their caretakers and the school system. I have a feeling the whole idea of punishing children for their wrongdoings instead of mentoring and nurturing by other means is a characteristic of a screwed up society. Destroying toys is almost as antagonistic and violent as physical punishment, and it's a waste of resources in a world where we can't afford to waste resources.

Answered by inhahe