Arman asked 4 months ago · 10 Answers
[From the BBC show "The Big Questions"] Is masculinity in crisis?

I guess so, but good riddance. For the most part the line between masculinity and toxic masculinity is very thin or even blurry. Wars are caused by masculinity. Capitalism is the result of masculinity. Masculinity makes the world a cold and harsh place. I guess something could be said for the virtue of a cosmic balance between femininity and masculinity, though. Maybe the problem is that the world is imbalanced toward masculinity because of patriarchy. Anyway, it seems that the more woke people become the more traction women and feminism have and the less men and masculinity have. This can only happen because, for some reason, men are complicit in this, even when it comes to misandry, which is a downside to this. Another downside is that men are demonized just for being the way that comes naturally to them for being men, particularly regarding sexualizing women.

Answered by inhahe