MERIDA asked 13 days ago · 8 Answers
Do you think Love requires sacrifices? If so...which sacrifices would you do for love and which ones not ?

It doesn't require sacrifice. Love grants only freedom. But sacrifice is something you may find yourself naturally doing if you love someone. By the way, I'm not answering in the context of romantic relationships. It bothers me that, every time someone hears the word "love," the first and apparently only thing they think about is romantic relationships. Where's the greater picture here? Where's your love for your fellow man, animals, etc.? And not to mention that romantic relationships are usually hardly even based in love. Each person is in it because they have something to get out of it. Instead of "I love you very much," they should say, "I trade you very much." So when people interpret the word "love" in a way limited to romantic relationships, it seems very crass and ignorant to me.

Answered by inhahe