inhahe asked 6 months ago

How well do object permanence and the persistence of room layouts function in your dreams? Do things change a lot? Are you able to complete a long and involved task where you have to manipulate things in a dream?

Hm, I don't think I dream in rooms, or at least I don't remember them - I vividly remember people and interactions with them but the settings are just...unremarkable, almost nothing... like your elementary school play that just has a cardboard sun and a dr


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Everything seems pretty realistic for the most part.



I don't think things are usually that clear. They're more disconnected / chaotic.


Every time I have dreams about a house that I stayed in, I always end up finding doors, rooms, hallways, hideaways, and even entire floors that never existed and involve quite a lot of impossible space.

The space around me changes a lot but it seems natural when i dream. I dont remember that i ever do much in my dreams. Most of the time i just watch stuff happening