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If this statement weren't true, you'd still be confused.

Sirius se zeptal před asi 4 hodinami · 2 Odpověď
If for some reason I would hear from you on the news, what would be the reason ? (try2bu tho)

Suicide by cop.

Daniel se zeptal před 24 hodinami · 11 Odpověď
What was better 15 years ago?

The amount of remaining wilderness.

Wasserpistole se zeptal před asi 8 hodinami · 2 Odpověď
What is usually the first webpage you check out when you come online?

probably gmail. maybe retrospring.

Wasserpistole se zeptal před 24 hodinami · 6 Odpověď
What do you know about the siblings of your grandparents?

Nothing. I think I heard a little bit once, but I don't remember it. Actually, we used to visit my great aunt Pauline who I guess was a sibling of one of my grandparents. She was extremely old. She had Alzheimer's.

Chris Martinez se zeptal před 2 dny · 8 Odpověď
Are u pro or anti nude beaches? And would u be up to going? 😃

Anyone who's anti-nude beaches (meaning they think they shouldn't exist whether they personally attend them or not) is a stupid prude who's never put enough thought into life to transcend their social programming.

Daniel se zeptal před 3 dny · 15 Odpověď
Do you find wealthy people sexually more attractive than poorer people?

No, I'm not a girl.

Daniel se zeptal před 2 dny · 12 Odpověď
What is the answer to global warming?

A drastic change in lifestyle for everyone on the planet ensuing extreme environmental protection laws being put into place as soon as possible. Placing environmental regulations on every country on Earth, or at least on the worst offenders, may require th


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Sirius se zeptal před 3 dny · 5 Odpověď
I want my bird.
Sirius se zeptal před 3 dny · 2 Odpověď
Why softwares in most firms are shit compared to the current technology level ?

not sure what you mean by firms, what kind of firms? like law firms, financial firms? Do you mean companies in general? Maybe it's because the software was written a long time ago and it's grandfathered in - rewriting it would be too much trouble, maybe th


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Sirius se zeptal před 3 dny · 7 Odpověď
What is a shape you find superior ?

Tesseract, hypercube, hypersphere, Klein bottle, mobius strip.. these are all extraordinary shapes, 2 or 3 of them are 4-dimensional. That's definitely superior, because they can't exist in this reality and they're almost impossible to imagine. I think oth


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Wasserpistole se zeptal před 3 dny · 3 Odpověď
Do you like this piece, dreams of love, by the hungarian composer Liszt?

It's okay so far (I'm two minutes in), a little better than your average classical song, but I don't like the sound of that particular piano.

Wasserpistole se zeptal před 4 dny · 7 Odpověď
If you saw a mother or a father beating her/his kid (10 years old maybe) severely in the middle of the street, how would you react? What do you think?

I'd think he was an asshole child abuser, I'd feel bad for the kid and the lifelong psychological damage he'd probably have, and I'd call the police but he may leave before the police get there. I'd want to attack him but I'm not a big guy and I've never b


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Sirius se zeptal před 5 dny · 3 Odpověď
Do you think girls are more generous than guys? (I made a magic spell for free for a girl thinking I might be generous, but she's now hitting on me 😂)


korstybai se zeptal před 5 dny · 11 Odpověď
Would you dump your s/o if they farted or queefed during sex?

Please don't tell me it's a thing for people to be shallow enough to do this..

Daniel se zeptal před 5 dny · 14 Odpověď
What is the most expensive object that you have held in your hands?

I may have held something really expensive that I forgot about, it's been a long life and I have a terrible memory, but the most expensive thing I can think of is from a few years ago when I bought my custom PC for about $3000. I carried it so technically


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