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If this statement weren't true, you'd still be confused.

Daniel fragte vor etwa 3 Stunden · 11 Antwort
Is a person with a high social status more attractive to you?

Considering how many celebrity crushes I have/have had, they must be. Unless it's just that celebrities are so pretty and portray larger-than-life personalities.. I think it's something about the fame too, though. But I'm not like a girl.. a person having



Wasserpistole fragte vor etwa 4 Stunden · 9 Antwort
Would you be okay if a person that you hate gives you all the money in the world, makes you filthy rich and without any strings attached or are you too "proud" for that?

What's with all these people saying they can't hate someone who gives them a lot of money? How self-centered can you be, that you love or hate someone solely by how well they treat you personally? I'd still hate Trump, McConnell, etc. even if they gave me



ZouBisouBisou fragte vor ein Tag · 8 Antwort
Besides Wocka Flocka, can you name any contemporary artists who'll be remembered for their music in 20-30 years?

Wtf is Wocka Flocka? (Is that one of the Muppets?)

Virgule fragte vor ein Tag · 2 Antwort
People talk about junkies but I can't find someone that doesn't take pain killer except me....... alright, your absurdity please?

I don't.

ZouBisouBisou fragte vor 2 Tage · 10 Antwort
Do you prefer wireless earbuds or is it better to have one less thing to charge?

I don't wear earbuds. If I did it would be wired because bluetooth lossily compresses the audio.

Daniel fragte vor 2 Tage · 13 Antwort
Do you brush your tongue?

No. The first time I'd heard of someone brushing their tongue, my friend told me she brushed her tongue and I wouldn't believe it. She spent like 5 minutes trying to convince me, and I thought she was just joking with me like the wacky self she was. haha.



Daniel fragte vor 2 Tage · 19 Antwort
What was the highest speed that you have driven in a car?

I wasn't the one driving, but I was in an actual race car on a race course once (the driver spun out at one point). I don't know how fast he went. It was at a Marlboro event that my sister invited me to.

Chris CM. Martinez fragte vor 2 Tage · 7 Antwort
Had a mini argument with a girl on twitter. She's big into anime. But she's upset over a final fantasy girl's tits jiggling. That's all anime is!! Japanese culture is soo sexually repressed. It oozes out of everything they produce. 😅

The same could be said for American culture and most other cultures. Maybe even every non-tribal culture to some degree or another.

Dingus fragte vor 2 Tage · 6 Antwort
What’s your best icebreaker when meeting new people? Aside from staring awkwardly until they walk away... 👀

I've never used an icebreaker on anyone. I'm not sure I've I'm generally interested in talking to/getting to know strangers. And when I am (say it's a cute girl), I'm too shy and socially awkward to do so. ONE time I saw this guy I thought I'd probably wan



Wasserpistole fragte vor 2 Tage · 11 Antwort
Do you like the name Ruby?

No. Makes me think of an old lady who likes to play Bridge and start gossip. Or at least a person named after a type of precious stone. =/

Dingus fragte vor 2 Tage · 7 Antwort
How quick are you to adapting to change?

As fast as I can learn.

Dingus fragte vor 3 Tage · 9 Antwort
What mystery or urban legend still perplexes you to this day?

I was just thinking about the Elisa Lam case that Sean mentioned a couple of days ago, particularly how she got into that tank (like Bored2020 said)

Also once they found a huge pool of human blood out in the middle of the forest, and they have no idea wha



Pawesome fragte vor 3 Tage · 7 Antwort
I just made some amazing pork chops. AMA

i'm looking forward to trying the recipe on the back of Kikkoman's soy sauce (honey plum ribs).

🌺 AnayaOhNo fragte vor 3 Tage · 11 Antwort
I'm confused 🤔 why would someone say i love you (reach out to you) then tell you someone else is sending them nudes on snapchat?wtf 🤣 this isn't normal is it?

He could be just sharing, something to talk about, or he could be trying to get you to send him nudes in order to compete with the other girl.. hard to say without any more info.

LaDamaX fragte vor 3 Tage · 14 Antwort
How old were you when you learned how to swim? Who taught you? If you haven’t, why not?

I think my dad and/or mom tried to teach me when I was little? And I never really got it? I'm not sure. I also went to swimming lessons once (my aunt took idea why), and all I remember from it was being terrified because they held me under water. Th