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If this statement weren't true, you'd still be confused.

Wasserpistole asked about 5 hours ago · 2 Answers
Sciene-Fiction or Fantasy?

Science-fiction is too technologistic, but fantasy is too fanciful. At least as I imagine it. I have read a couple of fantasy (I think?) books, and I actually liked them, so maybe fantasy is okay. I used to like sci-fi in my childhood.

Daniel asked about 3 hours ago · 4 Answers
How old were you when youve met your last new friend?


Or 42 if you count our kitten Fido.

Chris Martinez asked about 3 hours ago · 2 Answers
Are men more likely to be homophobic than women? Women kiss each other and it could mean nothing. Male sexuality isn't as fluid. Once u suck a dick there's no going back😄

Yes. Though I don't think not wanting to kiss a guy or suck a dick makes you homophobic. But I think men are less likely to want to kiss or have oral sex with another person of the same sex if they're not gay, and I'd guess they're more likely to be homoph


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nefarious yeets asked 2 days ago · 12 Answers
Are you a confident ladder-climber? I mean, do you proudly march up each step of the ladder, or do you ascend in small degrees like each step could be your last?

A little trepidatious, not too much.

Pandy asked 1 day ago · 6 Answers
On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being "can lift it with my pinkie" 10 being "I need a forklift") how heavy is your emotional baggage?

Literally too heavy for me to carry, that's why I can't feel anything.

Pandy asked 1 day ago · 12 Answers
We wake up tomorrow to a new global law that requires anyone leaving their home to wear a face mask until the pandemic is over. How do you react?

I'd be happy that there's finally a One World Government.

Daniel asked about 21 hours ago · 7 Answers
What was the longest time that you have waited somewhere? What was it for?

I'm not sure, maybe getting a passport on short notice (I don't remember whether it was my mom getting hers or me getting mine or both), I don't remember how long the wait was, but it seemed like hours and hours. And they wouldn't let us sit down.

Daniel asked about 20 hours ago · 11 Answers
Do you feel judged when you eat meat around vegans?

I don't know. I don't remember ever eating meat around people I knew were vegans. But I should be judged for it.

Wasserpistole asked 1 day ago · 8 Answers
Do you find yourself attractive and good-looking? / Findest du dich selbst attraktiv und gutaussehend?

I'm okay, can't complain

Daniel asked about 20 hours ago · 6 Answers
The football team "Washington Redskins" will change their name and their logo. Is that good and neccesary?

It depends on what the Native Americans actually think. I used to think it was more SJWs looking for something to complain about than anything else (I think i'd heard about the Washington Post's poll result in slag's link), but according to that link poll


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Daniel asked about 21 hours ago · 8 Answers
Is visual perception the most reliable source of knowledge?

Maybe. You could argue that touch is more reliable, because you can hallucinate seeing something, while I think it would be harder to hallucinate your hand being blocked in certain places and directions according to the shape of an object..

Daniel asked about 21 hours ago · 11 Answers
Have you ever been really bored of retrospring?

No, but sometimes I don't really feel like reading everyone's answers to questions, I just want to answer questions, but I read people's answers anyway because it wouldn't be fair for me to expect others to read my answers and not read theirs.

DUST asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
What's the most caloric food you ever had?

I'm not sure, I don't bother counting calories or finding out how many calories things have. I think biscuits & gravy has an obscene amount of calories? I've had that..

Chris Martinez asked 3 days ago · 3 Answers
Related to my last post do think Hollywood male actors are more reluctant to do gay scenes and that's why we don't see more hot guy on guy action in mainstream Hollywood?😉😜

That could be a factor, but also I think the viewer demand for guy-on-guy action is probably lower. I think in general girls are less interested in seeing guy-on-guy action than guys are in seeing girl-on-girl (and are probably less interest in seeing nake


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nefarious yeets asked 2 days ago · 8 Answers
What is your favorite incarnation of Godzilla?

Godzilla (2014). He was cute and he saved the world.