If this statement weren't true, you'd still be confused.

Gnihton約4時間前に質問しました · 2 回答
Do you think badly of people enjoying car crashing videos? Tell the truth do you suck negative vibes that way ? Do you like negative vibes bitch?

I used to think badly of people who liked seeing others get hurt, but I guess I'm more tolerant of it now because I'm almost curious myself, whereas before it would have felt totally wrong.

If nobody gets hurt in the crash then IMO it's neither a positive



Gnihton約4時間前に質問しました · 2 回答
Is collective or common morality , sniffing butts of negative vibes ?

A large part of it is. Particularly within the parts where we judge and condemn.

Daniel約12時間前に質問しました · 8 回答
Do you think you will get through this pandemic without catching the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2?

I doubt it. The virus will just keep spreading until we achieve herd immunity, one way or another. My friend told me the CDC thinks 80% of people will eventually get infected. That means a 1 in 5 chance that I won't get infected.

Kate1日前に質問しました · 8 回答
Define the character of a shithole country? Name some requirements that make it one.

A country where you literally shit in a hole. =P

Kate1日前に質問しました · 8 回答
What do you say when a politician tells you that your ageing parents and grand parents are obsolete and may lose their lifes due to COVID19, but economy is more important?

I don't think increasing the spread of COVID by, for example, supporting the economy results in any more deaths than not doing it, because the same percentage of people are going to get infected in the end. If anything it's probably better that those old p



Kate1日前に質問しました · 7 回答
Do you know what exponential increase means?
Kate1日前に質問しました · 12 回答
Do you drink fat reduced milk? Or do you use almond milk? Or oat milk? Or any vegan milk?

I don't drink milk by itself, but when I have it in whipped coffee or cereal or whatever I like to use whole milk. The real stuff. :D

Kate1日前に質問しました · 9 回答
Is a squirrel cute? You know it steals eggs and young birds out of their nests and eats them? Still cute?

Humans do much worse.

Kate1日前に質問しました · 13 回答
Potato salad. Mayonaise or not?

I can't stand potato salad. Gross!

Wasserpistole1日前に質問しました · 8 回答
Do you eat sweet things for breakfast?

I don't normally have breakfast, but when I do it's usually something my dad cooked and he doesn't make sweet food.

Kate1日前に質問しました · 7 回答
There is a trend to attack firefighters, first aid rescuers, doctors and rescue team mebers. Why do you think this is trending?

Maybe the distrust in the system has gotten to such a crescendo that it even reaches government workers with only pure intentions. Or maybe our deep wounds where we feel like there's nobody in the world who would truly want to care for us or save us are co



korstybai2日前に質問しました · 13 回答
What does it take to impress you?

Something deep and real. Or an incredible talent or ability, like solving three Rubik's cubes while juggling them. Or extreme analytical intelligence. Or the ability to see through all the limitations that society places on our perceptions. Or magical or p



xvilyv2日前に質問しました · 2 回答
what is or was your favorite commercial/commercials?

I really like the Geico commercials, almost all of them. There's some more commercials I like, but I don't remember them off the top of my head, except for one old one, crap i can't find it online, but i think it's a commercial for starbucks jars of frappu



Pawesome2ヶ月前に質問しました · 11 回答
How many Oreos can you eat in one sitting?

idk probably a whole pack, but i wouldn't want to because it would probably make me sick and it's not healthy

Chris Martinez2日前に質問しました · 5 回答
I should get a vibrator for my sinuses. Maybe it will give me relief😃

I always say sneezes are nasal orgasms but this isn't quite what I had in mind. =P