If this statement weren't true, you'd still be confused.

Wasserpistole1日前に質問しました · 12 回答s
Do you sometimes have coffee and cake?

I didn't even know that was a thing. But no, I don't like coffee or cake. Well, I like various coffee-based products, but not straight coffee. And I like some special kinds of cake.

Pawesome約4時間前に質問しました · 2 回答s
If you HAD TO get a tattoo on your face what would it be? And would you pursue a rap career once you had it?

It would be on my forehead and it would just be the word "Loser". I wouldn't pursue a rap career because i'm too much of a loser to do rap.

J/k it wouldn't say loser, it'd be a tattoo of a third eye.

The girl of the million faces約5時間前に質問しました · 4 回答s
Do you feel respected? If you ever didn't feel respected by someone, whose do you think it was fault? Yourself? Other's?

I generally feel respected. If I feel disrespected by someone, it's their fault. Even if I did something that caused them to disrespect me, it'd still be their fault, because nobody deserves to be disrespected, ever. Meaning that disrespecting someone bene



Daniel1日前に質問しました · 7 回答s
Do you believe that the world consists of more than physical substance?

Of course, and if not, then at least we have to really reconsider what "physical" means/entails, because of the existence of phenomena such as telepathy. One has to have led a surprisingly limited life, or has to have fooled themselves many times about thi



Wasserpistole1日前に質問しました · 8 回答s
Do you believe that President Bill Clinton is a rapist?

Not that I know of.

Daniel2日前に質問しました · 14 回答s
Where do you like to buy your clothes?

Department stores, thrift stores, online stores

Wasserpistole3日前に質問しました · 2 回答s
Do you like this piano piece? (Alfred Brendel plays Schubert: Hungarian Melody D817)

Not a lot, but it's okay/interesting enough to listen to once.

The girl of the million faces3日前に質問しました · 7 回答s
What's the best soundtrack made for a 007 movie?

I like one 007 movie song a lot, Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow, so whichever 007 soundtrack that's in. Wikipedia says it's the 18th bond movie from 1994 or something like that.

Wasserpistole3日前に質問しました · 10 回答s
Do you trust Bernie Sanders?

Absolutely!! There's nothing not to trust about him.

Daniel4日前に質問しました · 15 回答s
Do you eat the crusts of your pizza?

No. I've done it maybe once or twice in my life when I was really bored and/or there happened to be some marinara sauce to dip them in.

Daniel4日前に質問しました · 17 回答s
Would you have sex with a prostitute?

I've never done it, but back when I was desperate for sex I would've done it if I'd had the chance. That would've been awesome. But only if she were pretty. Only sucky thing about it is you have to wear a condom. Don't want to get any STIs. =p

Wasserpistole4日前に質問しました · 9 回答s
Would you rather be friends with a Hillary or a Donald supporter?

Hillary by far.

The girl of the million faces4日前に質問しました · 12 回答s
For you, Which piece of bacon is cooked to perfection? Check the picture below.

2 or 3, probably closer to 3 (actually somewhere between 2 and 3)

Chris Martinez5日前に質問しました · 4 回答s
you miss me when i'm gone, you can't live without me, admit it, you lovvvve me. It'll make u feel better if u admit it;)

Who are you, again?

korstybai5日前に質問しました · 12 回答s
What is your favorite Biblical quote ( if you have one ) ?

Not a Bible expert but the first verse that comes to mind is "Do to others as you would have them do to you."