Former Duke of Spring.me I'm a baker by trade, albeit a rather reticent one at that. Talk to me for too long and I might discover your hidden weakness 👀 it's probably chocolate.

Not here.
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Garden-variety sociopath, who's very lucid... sometimes.

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cLOUD asked about 20 hours ago · 7 Answers

Pretend you’re a bartender and make up a signature drink: name + ingredients

A Rusty Dingus: One half coffee and lemon juice and parts antifreeze with a little cigarette ash.

cLOUD asked about 20 hours ago · 6 Answers

Do you fart a lot in your sleep?

🌚 my methane levels during sleep are within normal limits... I swear.

cLOUD asked about 20 hours ago · 11 Answers

Name five of your favorite veggies

Beans, potatoes, bean sprouts, bell peppers, leeks.

LaDamaX asked 3 days ago · 12 Answers

Why should I be wary of you? 🫣😒

"The blood. It got me this far. I need more."

cLOUD asked 5 days ago · 14 Answers

How many tabs do you have open right now?

Kate Matsuda asked 5 days ago · 7 Answers

Dad and little daughter behind me in a bus. They hustle a while. Then the little daughter asks me: May I touch your braid? Me:yes. She pulls and turns to her dad: .. real hair, no plastic! You lost! Now give me the lollipop!

Kate Matsuda asked 5 days ago · 7 Answers

Why is it called "Monkey Business"?

Kate Matsuda asked 5 days ago · 10 Answers

Did you ever prank a teacher and what was it?

Kate Matsuda asked 5 days ago · 11 Answers

What gross thing did you do as a teen and you now regret?

Daniel asked 5 days ago · 13 Answers

How do you justify eating meat?

LaDamaX asked 5 days ago · 12 Answers

What’s your preferred coping mechanism?

Merida asked 7 days ago · 8 Answers

What's the stupidest excuse you've ever gotten?

Daniel asked 8 days ago · 8 Answers

At what time do you think most people are active on retrospring?

Daniel asked 8 days ago · 12 Answers

What's a bullshit job in your opinion?

Daniel asked 8 days ago · 10 Answers

Do you think of yourself as a morally good person?