Former Duke of Spring.me I'm a baker by trade, albeit a rather reticent one at that. Talk to me for too long and I might discover your hidden weakness 👀 it's probably chocolate.

Not here.
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Garden-variety sociopath, who's very lucid... sometimes.

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Daniel asked about 9 hours ago · 11 Answers

How do you initiate sex?

Daniel asked 1 day ago · 13 Answers

What do you see when you look to your left?

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 13 Answers

I miss Zou, yeets and Wasserpistole. Do you know anything new about them?

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 5 Answers

Do you think most fortune tellers actually believe that they can predict the future?

Merida asked 2 days ago · 6 Answers

Is there anyone that encourages you in whatever you want to do in life?

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 10 Answers

What made you mad recently? Me: My team mates dying in monster hunter rise, causing the quest that we were on to fail after we have already fought the monster for over 15 minutes

I totally forgot I had that game... Also, work and coworkers being complete tools

Anonymous Coward asked 3 days ago

You were once on Gab. Why did you quit?

I was also on Minds, Kakao and dozens of other platforms. I can't keep up with em all.

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 12 Answers

Would you rather restart your life at 6 years of age with the knowledge that you have now or would you want to get 10 million dollar in cash instead?

Anonymous Coward asked 3 days ago

Is your obsession with Kate completely non-sexual?

It's clearly bait for anyone that cares to be bothered by it.

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 12 Answers

What should the average person know more about?

Merida asked 4 days ago · 9 Answers


I agree, this is definitely not a Kate question 🧐

Kate Matsuda asked 5 days ago · 5 Answers

Instagram today: I do follow the NASA account. They posted a picture with the caption: Exploded star in the Milky Way. Comment by people: What galaxy is this? LOL?

Neptune, obviously. I always get those candy bar stars confused with each other.

Kate Matsuda asked 5 days ago · 7 Answers

I'm watching a telly series that spans over many months showing the life of police officers at a three frontiers area. They always wear the same clothes. Each day, each sequel, each season. Do you think the producers did underfund it? Or is it an artsy trick?

I have very similar clothes, maybe they prefer exact duplicate outfits... 👀

Kate Matsuda asked 5 days ago · 8 Answers

How come when I receive a delivery like pizza or a package it is always a delivery boy or man? Have you seen your Amazon package brought by a girl? Or is it just me?

The only delivery people I see that are majority women is from Instacart, GrubHub is kinda 50/50 men and women.

Kate Matsuda asked 5 days ago · 9 Answers

When you ring my doorbell at home you have a 50/50 chance I open wearing a kimono or just leggings and a hoodie. Which one would you like better and are both too slutty?

Hoodie with leggings. I don't want to catch you feeling anxious.