In the end, we are nothing more than L❤VE and SPACE DUST trying to find its way back to the stars

I belong to the wind
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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain.

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Daniel asked about 3 hours ago · 4 Answers
Would you feel lonelier without the internet?

I think so

Pandy asked about 5 hours ago · 4 Answers
You've been killed (sorry), what would you rather the police do, them to go through all of you and your friends and families private data or avoid that at the likely cost of them being unable to find your killer?

Once I'm killed...let it be. I'm not Gonna hold grudges

Antho asked about 10 hours ago · 4 Answers
Do you know when it's best to give yourself space?

Yes. Very well

LaDamaX asked 1 day ago · 6 Answers
Nope. Never. That would be a nightmare.

I concur

Wasserpistole asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
Do you hate to argue (fight)?

Its not that I like it

Daniel asked 1 day ago · 11 Answers
Which lotion actually helps against wrinkles?

Semen they say...

Kinga asked 1 day ago · 6 Answers
Should i scream if i get assaulted and im told to not scream?

Depends on if they're threatening you with sth and how much do you want to risk

Kinga asked 1 day ago · 12 Answers
Do we have to love our parents?

No if they dont deserve it

Kinga asked 1 day ago · 10 Answers
How does your partner's opinion affect your look? Do you care about it at all? Would you do something they don't like?

My past ME would have answered this saying it affects her more than She'd like to admit. My Now ME says I dont care at all. My appearance, My body, My tastes, My business...

Arman asked 3 days ago · 14 Answers
What is it like to be on the receiving end of your anger?

You better don't want to know. I can be the Best at being good....but even better at being bad if you get me there. Thats why I always try to isolate myself and cool down til I can control my usually Works and I dont have to experience the end


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Qafka asked 1 day ago · 10 Answers
So you have a look at the toilet paper after you wiped with it?

Yes. I need to know when its perfectly clean

Wasserpistole asked 3 days ago · 11 Answers
Do you like to live? / Magst du es zu leben?

I'm not sure if like is the right Word. Is to live or to die. I guess I'm choosing to live. And I'm learning how to enjoy the experience more. If I have to be here...I better do my Best of it

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 7 Answers Is this legit? Are dogs really that smart?

I think they Can be trained. There's this Golden that I follow that it's being trained with buttons to ask for food when he's Hungría or go out when he wants to pee or poo. Also he has the yes and no button....

Sean ⚡🤖 asked 2 days ago · 19 Answers
'Someone' thinks I do not criticize my own race, so I'll do it here - we have a real homophobia/transphobia problem in the black community. Care to critique a group you identify with?

Humans should become extinct

Pandy asked 3 days ago · 10 Answers
Describe your dream partner:

I Wonder if I have one