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Do you think you're a good friend?


Do you think you're a good friend?


Answered by xvilyv

I'm not capable of that. Too much apathy or something.

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Answered by korstybai

Yes I can be

Answered by J1smith

I do believe so, yes.

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Answered by IAWIA

I'm ok, I'm low maintenance myself but I struggle with friends who command more of my time and attention which makes me feel guilty sometimes

Answered by slagathor

Probably not. Like I'm there for people - but not all the time. I listen but I get socially exhausted. And I'm not very generous. I suppose I'm a good friend for those with low expectations.

Answered by Pandy

My heart has two compartments: A soft chamber of soft red light with warmth and cosy affection and a crystal cold blue chamber of rational sensing and distanced views on things. I can put both forward to support a friend as seems fit. Sometimes it's not t


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Answered by Kate