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What do you know about Spanish women?


What do you know about Spanish women?

they're fine asf

Answered by xvilyv

All women think the same just plus minus a little

Answered by J1smith

Are there specific “things“ to know about Spanish women?

Answered by LaDamaX

Not much. When I had a stay in hospital, here in the UK, there were a few female Spanish nurses on my ward. They were all nice people, and I liked how they pronounced my name.

Idk haven't met a lot of them

I only know you and white Americans who be like "yeah I'm mixed with Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Czech, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, French, and a little bit of Cherokee too" so I don't know much

very passionate, in everything. Fun in the bedroom not so much in a argument 😉

They use wigs and make up

I only know three real Spanish women plus you . Not really a basis upon which to found a general knowledge. Is there a common character?

They usually speak very well Spanish.

They speak Spanish.

Spanish people in general seem to be loud, outgoing and feisty from what I've seen on holidays. I barely remember so I could be wrong

I don't know much, you're supposed to be my source and you're slipping SMH

I dated a guy from Spain like 5-6 years ago so I got to know a few of them. I'm sure it was just them but they were kinda rude.. Once one of them went shopping with me and the woman at the register asked if she wanted her receipt and she was like "QUE DISE


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I've only known 2 personally and they are very different people.