DUST asked 13 days ago

What has it gotten worse in you or your life?


What has it gotten worse in you or your life?


Answered by xvilyv

I've been becoming more and more numb my whole life, there's less and less I want to do, been sleeping more and more, and been going slowly insane for many years because of existential boredom.

Answered by inhahe

I'm in full decline, but so is almost everything that I can see and touch.

I have lost a lot of muscle mass over quar tbh

Answered by slagathor

Infact getting better

Answered by J1smith

My personal relationships are fading, everybody's got kids and mortgages and shit and I'm gone all the time anyway


Answered by Pandy

I'm having hard times to sleep cz my body is getting harder cz work.

Answered by 7amza

Ive got a bit fatter

Answered by Daniel

Some habits have crawled their way back into my life

Answered by IAWIA

Hmmmmm. Bleak love life.

Answered by Kate