DUST asked 9 days ago

What's it gotten better in you or your life?


What's it gotten better in you or your life?

my job i guess

Answered by xvilyv

I no longer have to go to school, I don't have to stress over having to get a job, and my parents are a lot nicer to me than they used to be.

Answered by inhahe

I met somebody recently. anyway, bout to fuckin fall in love with this girl brb

Answered by slagathor

Finances getting stronger than before

Answered by J1smith

I have a job now that is 14% less soul-crushing so...yay?

Waistline and wallet

Answered by Pandy

I'm working on my inner ethics now, outside ethics are good, but inside ethics are to be established, I like people, but now I have to like my demons aswel.

Answered by 7amza

I changed to like plain water when the weather is hot!

Answered by Kate

I can remember the days now

Answered by IAWIA