MERIDA asked 3 days ago

What emotion/feeling would you like to experience that you didn't yet?


What emotion/feeling would you like to experience that you didn't yet?

The feeling of being a space probe. Or the feeling of being hit with a meteorite. Or the feeling of Laura Dern commenting on how much she likes my blouse.


Answered by J1smith

Being a true savage? Like all my empowered cousins. I need to step out & imitate them.


Answered by xvilyv

peace of mind

That feeling you get whenever you have an out of body experience, like when you take DMT or ayahuasca. I'll never the balls for that kind of thing though

Answered by korstybai

The feeling someone who's very emotional and/or very horny gets when they have sex with a good-looking person. There's no "yet," though, I'll probably never experience that.

Answered by inhahe

I’m not sure which ones are left for me to experience at this pointy. The only one I had left was senility (even though that’s not one that I wanted to experience). I think I’m there now. 😅

Answered by LaDamaX

Joy what be nice☺

The kinda love I see in Disney films and Rom-Coms... 'unconditional love'? I honestly don't think I every should or will experience that - but it would be nice to get a taste of it.

Answered by Pandy

I feel like I've experienced all of them at this stage

Answered by Scott

hm... I better do not tell in public. It is a bit too uncommon to be suitable here. I'd tell you in private, but I need not to be judged by everybody.

The feeling of "Everything is good."


Answered by Virgule