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If you could escape... Where would you go?


If you could escape... Where would you go?

New Zealand, someplace pretty like that. Never been there, so...

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I would try and find somewhere with no other people so I can have silence.

Why would I escape?

love to be with my bestie rn < 3

A fantasy land where I could eat and relax and not gain a lb.

Spaceship. Then moon. It is easy to bombard earth from the moon. Everything you lift from there with ease falls down on earth. Then the others would need to escape. When they left, I have earth to just roam the French wine cellars.. or so?

Hawaii— bye bye!

Based on that picture, Spain 😍

Nirvana. OM.

Into a pair of loving arms in a nice place that has 0 COVID risks.

To heaven with the holy mother of god and sweet jesus christ

Maybe a vacation to spain.Anyway can go there anytime

paradise/heaven/the afterlife/god/home/the astral plane

The zoo.