DUST asked 8 months ago

What's your favorite type of kiss?


What's your favorite type of kiss?

I like it when my cat boops his nose to mine

A kiss on the forehead. For me it's a kiss you give/receive with someone you truly care for.

Answered by @liz£h

The kind that takes your breath away.

Answered by LaDamaX

french kiss

Answered by xvilyv

Not much interest in kisses

Answered by J1smith

Oh, how's about a quick ranking?

Three: Hershey Two: French One: the one I get from a sponsor after a successful demo... Is that just me?

I don't kiss I just spit a hot loogie in their mouth from 6 feet away

Long, often, of varying types, and mutual.

The one where they whisper 'fuuuuuck....' under their breathe after

Answered by Pandy

Forehead, not too sticky and wet pls.

Answered by Dingus