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Anonymous Coward asked about 2 months ago

have you ever thought of opening commissions someday?

Oh hello anon! I've thought about it occasionally and perhaps will consider it sometime in the distant future, but I personally don't think my art skills have reached a point where I would feel comfortable charging people money for my art and my life schedule is hectic, meaning it takes a while for me to even finish my personal art projects.

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

hi! I really love your work, I'm too shy to come off anon but I want you to know that I enjoyed your artwork and it's really neat!

Oh hello, anon! No worries, I totally understand (It took me years to get past my shyness to even post on social media regularly). Thank you so much for the kind words and I'm really glad you enjoy my art!

Anonymous Coward asked 9 months ago

What are some of Fy-La and Kerata's fave activities? Either together or separate ^^

Anonymous Coward asked 10 months ago

nibbles the lizard. what she taste like?

imagine you poured a whole shaker's worth of salt on a piece of bacon, then soaked that bacon in a mix of lemon juice and apple cedar. Then remove the bacon and sprinkle pepper on it.

Anonymous Coward asked 10 months ago

More horny demon lore when?

lio asked 11 months ago · 1 answer

do you have any additional fun facts abt keratas island im obsessed~ 🥺💗

Anonymous Coward asked 11 months ago

rate this song from 1-10 https://youtu.be/w0HLzKGcYtU

oooooh 7 out of 10! I feel like its 2004 again, what a cute group!

Anonymous Coward asked 11 months ago


I destroyed all my rivals in fights behind the local Denny's, thus consolidating my power ;3

el asked over 1 year ago

OC Friday! Has Kerata received a gift from Fy-la? What was it?

Around the time they first met, Fy-La made Kerata a flower crown. Unfortunately Kerata thought it was meant to be a snack... 😩

el asked over 1 year ago

How do you plan out your landscapes/backgrounds for your works?

The way I usually do it is draw a tiny version of the image with a stick figure first (i think this is called a thumbnail sketch????) and try to use two point perspective lines to plan where im going to place everything. When it comes to actually painting the piece, I usually use a really big messy brush to block in the general colors and shapes (so like the shapes of bushes, hills, trees) then I use more refined brushes to add details to that :D

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

What's a fetish Kerata has?

Kerata has a big praise kink, especially if its accompanied by petting >:3

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