Scott 馃嚮馃嚘

(Accredited) Early modern military historian and lead guitarist. That's it.

Getting under the skin of arrogant Frenchmen since 843 AD

Scotland, United Kingdom
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Rock 'n' roll ain't worth the name if it don't make you fuck.

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Shannon asked about 20 hours ago 路 10 Answers

Will you still play video games when you are over 50?

Yes, I want to be able to play Elder Scrolls VI so I will be gaming when I'm at least 90.

Daniel asked 2 days ago 路 7 Answers

Do you think someone like AJS (, who has completly lost his mind, can learn to think rationally?

I wonder if he ever found out what a vulva was

Daniel asked 2 days ago 路 9 Answers

Many conspiracy-minded people say we should do our own research and think for ourselves regarding topics like vaccines and climate change. Aren't these topics way too complex to form a qualified opinion as a layman with some internet research? Shouldn't we trust what the large majority of experts say?

A lot of topics are far too complex for internet laymen, even for stuff way more mundane and easily grasped than vaccines/climate change.

Majority of the time when they say "I've done my research" they've watched a dodgily produced 20 minute YouTube vid


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Daniel asked 2 days ago 路 6 Answers

How's your relationship to your father?

Daniel asked 2 days ago 路 8 Answers

What's the worst kind of comedy?

Daniel asked 2 days ago 路 13 Answers

I miss Zou, yeets and Wasserpistole. Do you know anything new about them?

Alice is still alive, she was on Discord a while back

Not sure why she's not back on the site, maybe it's too European for her

Jyrki 馃馃惥 asked 2 days ago 路 11 Answers

What ruins a pizza for you?

Being arrested for war crimes before I take a first bite

Daniel asked 2 days ago 路 10 Answers

What made you mad recently? Me: My team mates dying in monster hunter rise, causing the quest that we were on to fail after we have already fought the monster for over 15 minutes

Robert Rodriguez getting two of the most feared and ruthless bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe to fight each other and somehow make both look like incompetent chumps

Dingus asked 3 days ago 路 6 Answers

Do you suspect the anonymous messages are all coming from one user? 馃憖

Or you could all just turn your anons off and stop bitching about this

Daniel asked 3 days ago 路 7 Answers

Is it halal to eat pork in minecraft?

Arthur asked 4 days ago 路 11 Answers

Everyone says "today I learned...", but what's something you forgot today?

LaDamaX asked 3 days ago 路 15 Answers

On a scale of 1-10, how 鈥渨holesome鈥 are you?

Daniel asked 3 days ago 路 10 Answers

What's a book that people only read to feel superior?

Not War and Peace, because I didn't only read it to feel superior

Daniel asked 4 days ago 路 10 Answers

Are you good at delaying gratification?

Shannon asked 4 days ago 路 6 Answers

Family of school girl raped in girls bathroom begged judge to spare "boy in skirt" 15 from jail to 'give him a fighting chance at becoming a better person'. Thoughts?