Dada⚘ asked about 2 months ago

Why do you like America ? I like America cz they can smoke the entire world whenever they want.

because i live here


Mostly because it's not ruled by a theocratic regime.

And also because of Anime .. Oh wait! Japan invented Anime? And America made Japan its bitch? Oh no! Now I hate America! How dare you treat my senpais like that?

You have a strange admiration of destructive powers of idiots?

I like some things about it, dislike others. I think the laws in this country are very fair, like I don't really have to worry about going to prison over something really stupid. Having a strong economy is also nice, it makes for comfortable living.

I don't, really.

I don't fear that a larger, richer country will send drones my way to kill me and everyone I care about

It's where all my stuff is.

I've been there twice. Worked for a summer. No interest in going back. I'd rather go East.