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Pandy asked about 12 hours ago · 8 Answers
Yay or Nay: Vampires are sexy

In some stories extremely so, not so much in others. Depends on style and habits I think. Intense sex appeal is often regarded as something overwhelming and demanding and soul stealing and energy bleeding, hence sucking life out of a person in a way. Which


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Pandy asked about 17 hours ago · 7 Answers
When is it ok to cheat? (If any, and by cheat I mean relationships and cheating in general)

I would turn this around and just ask: When must I tell my partner the blunt truth she didn't already know? I would probably lie, even when the axe is still in her head when she asks if this is the end while holding her hand?

Penelope asked about 18 hours ago · 11 Answers
Do you have music playlists? If you do, what have you named them?

OOps, if I already answered this. But I have a playlist, a single one with the name of my ex. It is just her music. Her nickname is Nana and so is the name of the list.

Penelope asked about 18 hours ago · 9 Answers
An app (DeepScore) claims that it can tell if a person is trustworthy by using facial and voice recognition. Would you use it? Would you trust it?

I would not trust an app for its face value?

Daniel asked about 23 hours ago · 8 Answers
Is psychoanalysis useful?

It has its merits but it seems to be only a piece of the cake.

Dingus asked 1 day ago · 3 Answers
What're some collected words from literature that you'll likely never forget?

If I were not tough I would not live anymore, if I were not sensitive I wouldn't deserve to live anymore.

Chris CM. Martinez asked 2 days ago · 3 Answers
How come ethnicities other than white can live with their own kind and not get any shit for it? Every city in America has a Chinatown. No white Town though. You need to be diversified. Not saying it bad just wondering why

It is a perspective thing. When you live in Chinatown anything outside is Wasptown. When you live in suburbia anything outside is Poortown. When you live in a 100 floor shard tower anything outside is non-fashion-town. When you live in a latin gang quarte


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Daniel asked 2 days ago · 11 Answers
What do we not have in common?

Different profile pics ;)

Dingus asked 2 days ago · 2 Answers
What would we discover about you upon a more in-depth study? What is permissible?

I posted an x-ray of my chest. So what did you miss?

korstybai asked 2 days ago · 12 Answers
Which one is yours? https://www.health.com/condition/digestive-health/bristol-stool-chart

I do produce the sort of stuff that has only one purpose: Throw it at particular individuals on purpose.

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 11 Answers
Is there someone on retrospring that you envy?

I am amazed how tough and independent Penelope is. I envy the humour of Sean. To just name those two.

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 11 Answers
Im not sure if i understood what americans mean when they say they are dating someone. Is that the same as being in a romantic relationship?

There is no such thing in this culture like "dating". We use the term but we do not have the same cultural habit. "Dating" is a socio-cultural habit of meeting with a potential partner in a socially acceptable setting. it formalises the contact, the way of


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DUST asked 3 days ago · 7 Answers
Have you figured out anything about yourself that has surprised you lately? Has your perception about yourself changed? Is it a change for the better or not?

I lost some years while a girl so I need to do do some of the girly years now, hence I am a bit more silly lately.

Chris CM. Martinez asked 3 days ago
Should minimum wage be raised in the US? My thing is There is one unspoken aspect to it. How it effects small businesses. McDonald's and burger King can and should raise their minimum wage. But mom and pop diners and such can't afford it sometimes.

You are asking the wrong question. You must aks: How is it possible to work at one of the large chains a full time job and not be able to sustainably life on that wages? How come a burger can be sold at 1$? It is NOT the effect of large scale production. Y


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Daniel asked 3 days ago · 11 Answers
Could you be friends with someone who was on a rave party during these times?

Maybe up to that point in time, but it would certainly hit a blow by such behaviour showing a severe lack of understanding, intelligence and sense.