Kate Matsuda

Born and still living, ask for details if nosy ;-)

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Daniel asked about 11 hours ago · 7 answers

How was your year?

I let loose more things than the years before. But not all things we leave behind are losses.

Daniel asked about 11 hours ago · 11 answers

When was the last time that you got drunk? What did you drink?

Red wine. Actually it was more of a tipsy than a full drunk Kate.

Daniel asked about 11 hours ago · 9 answers

Is it okay to listen to music from Kanye West?

I think it is, but for me it never was a sort of music I did like. Now that he seems to be lunatic there is not much music to expect from him further?

Daniel asked about 11 hours ago · 10 answers

Do you prefer going by car or by train? Explain your answer!

I would prefer to actually walk. But our style of living transformed this world into a daily rush hour nuisance.

Fangs. asked about 24 hours ago · 1 answer

Who is the coolest dork you know ?

LaDamaX asked 2 days ago · 11 answers

You’ve just finished preparing some pancakes for yourself and you realize you don’t have any pancake/ maple syrup. What are you putting on them to substitute?

Easy! I never intended to put maple syrup on anything after I tasted it. I like pancakes with applesauce, just sugar and cinnamon, or vanilla sauce.

Fangs. asked 2 days ago · 1 answer

Comments are not working. Why?

Shannon asked 2 days ago · 7 answers

Do you think homeless people who have pets with them look after them?

I always ask me how they manage to keep them alive when they struggle with anything else so much ...

Shannon asked 2 days ago · 7 answers

What is the most creepiest thing that had happed to you?

Me and my girlfriend in a bar. Man comes around and asks me:" Your girl is so hot and sexy. Mind if I talk to her over there in the corner?"

Arman asked 2 days ago · 8 answers

Tell us the response you get when you say: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

The fuckly mirror always said: Not you you black witch! But the fairest you lost!

Arman asked 2 days ago · 7 answers

"We've seen war. We don't want war. But if you want war with the United States of America, there is one thing I can promise you, so help me God. Someone else will raise your sons and daughters." How effective are your threats? Do people take your threats seriously?

I certainly have neither energy nor lifetime to spend on acts of individual or social brutality. However, my defense is almost silent and mercyless.

Arman asked 2 days ago · 9 answers

Have you ever seen an unmarried person wearing a wedding ring? What do you think of it?

I wear a ring on that finger, but it isn't a wedding ring. You need not to be wed to wear a ring or to wear a ring with a name on it. Also there are less obvious chains to wear.

Arman asked 2 days ago · 6 answers

Have you got the HPV vaccine?

Arman asked 2 days ago · 7 answers

Are you a quiet quitter?

oh yessss.. after a less quiet wave of sarcastic complaints.

Shannon asked about 21 hours ago · 10 answers

What's your favourite Christmas movie?

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