Kate Matsuda

Born and still living, ask for details if nosy ;-)

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Dingus asked about 14 hours ago · 3 Answers
What're some stories you've heard that sounded fake but turned out to be true?

The Donald was nominated by the GOP as a presidential candidate. This sounded as if the party wanted to commit suicide, but it turned out it wasn't the party alone, a substantial share of voters were with them.

Dingus asked about 13 hours ago · 5 Answers
Do you know intimate details about your fellow Retrospringers? 👀

Very little, almost nothing.

Daniel asked about 23 hours ago · 6 Answers
Do you know what NFTs are? Do you think they will be more relevant in the future?

No, what are NFTs?

AMD Risen 🙏 asked about 19 hours ago · 4 Answers
Conspiracy question: the marvel avengers symbol is very similar to the anarchism symbol. Was this intentional?

There are only so many derivatives of the letter A. They all are similar.

AMD Risen 🙏 asked about 16 hours ago · 5 Answers
Does "contributed for the translation of a community-developed game" look good in a curriculum vitae/resume? (This is just an example)

Yes, looks good. It shows that you have language skills, team work skills and have teamed up with people for a community effort.

Pandy asked about 23 hours ago · 8 Answers
Can you fight?

I do warrior yoga.. if that counts?

Dingus asked 1 day ago · 4 Answers
What makes you feel beautiful or ugly? Parachute pants?

I use a mirror for this. Not what you might think. Not silver plated glass. The eyes of others are mirrors, and my own. They reflect their inner state when I am with them. When they give me good vibes I feel pretty. But parachute pants are definitely also


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Dingus asked 1 day ago · 5 Answers
Are you brave enough to call this number, 559-801-2100? 🥴 It's not mine and I'm not sure who it belongs to... Hopefully no one.

Do I need an int'ln prefix? US?

Dingus asked 1 day ago · 4 Answers
If I were to find you at an all night Cafe, what would your order likely be at such an hour?

On 3 a.m. or later/ earlier I'm probably after a savoury snack plus a cold beer. When it's this time of year it is probable that I actually drink a cup of coffee.

Dingus asked 1 day ago
Your photography of night and dawn vistas is as gorgeous as you ;)

Thank you. I also do very well in the art of failed selfies this evening ....

AMD Risen 🙏 asked 1 day ago · 8 Answers
Do you regularly post statuses on WhatsApp?

Haha, no Whatsapp.

Shannon asked 1 day ago · 7 Answers
Have you had the super cold yet?

Oh no! Please not! I don't want it!

Daniel asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
How much did you pay for your couch? Do you like your couch?

About 400 € ... and it started to disintegrate since summer a bit. I'm after a new one.

Sean ⚡🤖 asked 1 day ago · 12 Answers
It's that time of year again - where does everybody come down on candy corn, yea or nay? Or, just give me your favorite controversial candy-related opinion, I will tell you if you are wrong.

I have a thing going on with almond candy, basically lightly roasted almonds covered by caramelised sugar . It must be warm as this tastes best. It is hard to find in good quality, almost only on well assorted x-mas markets. SIGH!

Daniel asked 1 day ago · 12 Answers
Are you afraid of dying?

I'm more afraid of suffering for long.