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❥𝕁𝕒𝓬𝓺uℯlιɴe❁ asked about 7 hours ago · 3 Answers
BE my stylist please?- Thinking of doing an image change (Why not you be my muse?) (There's no limit to your imagination) feel free to post any image link & I will try to make it work. >.< (I TRUST you <3)

A bit daring since I only have a vague image of you based on your photos. Why and what type of change would you like?

❥𝕁𝕒𝓬𝓺uℯlιɴe❁ asked about 7 hours ago · 2 Answers
Control my life (Part II): (I've convinced a someone we should save money and travel somewhere we've NEVER been to) > Name a destination (Inspire our journey please)?

North-West Scotland.

❥𝕁𝕒𝓬𝓺uℯlιɴe❁ asked about 7 hours ago · 3 Answers
On a scale of 1-10 (How brave are you?) >https://weheartit.com/entry/114235905?context_type=user&context_username=kittylin89

LOL, ok, you seem to specifically ask for that type of dumbass bravery. I'm just a miserable 1 or 2 I guess. LOL.

❥𝕁𝕒𝓬𝓺uℯlιɴe❁ asked about 7 hours ago · 5 Answers
If you have siblings (How well do you get along with them?)>https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2015-01/24/13/enhanced/webdr11/original-13000-1422125581-8.jpg?downsize=800:*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

My sis never again talked to me since last time.

❥𝕁𝕒𝓬𝓺uℯlιɴe❁ asked about 6 hours ago · 4 Answers
What do you do when this happens? >https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2018-02/27/18/asset/buzzfeed-prod-fastlane-01/sub-buzz-31504-1519775828-1.png?downsize=700:*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

That never happens, I always eat the rim with great pleasure!

Chris Martinez asked about 6 hours ago · 3 Answers
when was your last wet dream and who was in it? Give us the hot details ^_^

There was a girl named Sissy and she was a classmate long ago and basically we had all types of fun together while we had a bath in a tub.

The girl of the million faces asked about 16 hours ago · 7 Answers
When was the last time you were congratulated by someone? And what was about?

:-) ... birthday ....

The girl of the million faces asked 1 day ago · 11 Answers
Tell me 5 traits of your zodiacal sign that you can actually relate to.

I'm a Virgo, so yeah, I'm female. But most of the other treats do not resonate with me. Like e.g being only rational, stubborn, over organised, unable to show emotions, without a sense of humour, etc. I fear I appear less nice than I want, but a Virgo has


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Chris Martinez asked 2 days ago · 2 Answers
i have an oil burner, u put water in, turns to steam & heats ur house. Mines is leaking right out the safety switch that turns it off water runs out.. also busted so it won't shut, than it catches fire. so no heat for the next 5 days. #AdultShit:/

This is the season of defective heating systems. Next Monday the repair team is here and I have to take a half day off for that.

The girl of the million faces asked 1 day ago · 10 Answers
Where does the wind go?

Around the globe. it does not vanish, it just changes direction and speed.

ZouBisouBisou asked 1 day ago · 6 Answers
What was the last thing to really make you laugh? https://imgur.com/gallery/gBFcp5s

When the FIFA president met the American President. LOL. Two sides of the medal of corruption.

Pandy asked 1 day ago · 8 Answers
Would you ever go back to a job you left?

Yes, but not under the same manager.

The girl of the million faces asked 1 day ago · 10 Answers
Saw a YT video from an American girl who lives in Spain. She said in American, when people meet for the first time is usual to talk about their profession. It's part of the introduction. Is this a real thing? Is work status that important?

Yeah, Americans often ask in person what I do as a profession, though most get to know me while my work, so it must be a more ritual question :-)

Chris Martinez asked 1 day ago
https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5da6fb8cad4eb this is a wonderful mess ;)

Errm ... yeah? It looks like a boring family series... lol .. though there are people having sex in front of the cam.

Chris Martinez asked 1 day ago · 6 Answers
Britney spears must be AMAZING in bed.. she's got two things men like being hot, and being crazy ;)

Actually I doubt this. She appears to me as a more sad than mad person and a more humble than hot one too. We let ourselves be deceived by music videos too much ....