Kate Matsuda asked about 2 months ago

Do you like to eat dates?

Kate Matsuda

Do you like to eat dates?

Every Calendar month

Answered by Elle

Very much but a couple of months ago when I did a checkup, I realized my blood sugar level is a bit high so I stopped eating dates.

My waistline doesn't.

yea, on a first date too

I would prefer fresh vs dried. Like figs.

I like to put them in smoothies as sweeteners. Frozen banana + cooled coffee + milk + dates = yes please

Like my dates? Or dates the fruit 🤣

I find the best thing to do in order to get a second date is to not eat them on the first.

Only wrapped with bacon and fried to counteract the excessive sweetness

I'm a carnivore but cannibalism is where I draw the line.

I don't think I have ever had a date...um, the food item I mean - at least not by itself, possibly as an ingredient in dishes

More or less. It's not my go-to fruit though

I mean, never ate a bad date 🌚

They're okay, but I haven't eaten them by themselves since once or twice when I was a kid (unless I'd only had prunes? I always confuse the two), now I only eat them in cereal and stuff that comes with date pieces.