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Watched my old x-ray photo of my breast cancer. If I would have had an amputation would I have let them rebuilt an artificial boob or not? Im not sure. Would you do it?

When I was 14/15, I worked with a woman who’d had a double mastectomy years earlier. She decided to get reconstructive surgery. It was very complicated and involved a few surgeries - because of the time lapse and the fact she’d had a lot of other tissue re


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I think I might. My breasts are large, so I’m not sure I’d want to have one large breast and then none on the other side.


It's complicated. Implants are not forever. 20-30 years and then have them changed cause when they turn 40 they could maybe self destruct on the inside. Or some illness could arise from the material of said implants. Always keep in mind: Underneath it all


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I would because Id feel extremely self conscious about my body looking abnormal.

Nothing artificial.


I don't think I would. I think I'd wear my scars and non-boob proudly


You should do what you feel that would make you feel better. I'd like to do it but I probably wouldn't bc I hate hospitals and all the stuff related to it

That must be kinda neat seeing that.

My only question is what purpose would an artificial boob serve? Maybe for body image and psychological issues, sure, but I wouldn't bother if it was me. I could save on bras if mine were removed.

it's a personal choice. but i've heard many women say how they look is attached to their self worth . I probably would

Yeah, I'm just vain enough to want to be whole, or at least feel whole

Yeah, I'm generally against anything artificial, including bodily manipulations, but in the case of mastectomy I think it's appropriate. A missing breast looks awful, and the fake breast is just replacing what was naturally there to begin with, so it's not


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