Kyuminna asked over 1 year ago

If you would have a giant plushie, what will it be and what name will you give it ? :3

A big bear :3 I've got no idea for a name, but its arms would hold me comfortably.



Et même que je l’appellerais GROS MIOU

Jean-Robert, plushie Villani

Hum… I'd say a teddy bear and for the name I dunno :S But that would be nice for bad days for the hugs. ^^


A rabbit.


A giant Totoro named Totoro.

It would be a big doggo. And call him "The good boy"

nya, giant plushies scare me a bit, so i don't think i'll have some

idk sorry

I don't know, as I said I don't think about "what plushie I want", it's more about who offers it to me, or how I get my sweet plushie that makes me love my plushies

So it's more that, but I'd like a big red panda, or a unicorn, or a cat


I have no idea... >_>

This has been sitting in my inbox for way too long I just don't know :T

I've already had one when I was little! A big pink bear, taller than me at the time. But I don't remember his name and I'm not sure what happened to it. Today... I'd have a whale or a killing whale. As for the name... Gloubi? Maybe?

A cuute animal like a cat or a panda~ >u< but I'm not sure about their name :(

it would be a giant realistic BEAR! maybe one of pokemon idk but that's it !