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I’m being nosey... 👃🏼. What did your last text say? Who was it sent to?


I’m being nosey... 👃🏼. What did your last text say? Who was it sent to?

Thank you for your order at Lieferando. Your food will arrive at 18:00.

“Yeah, what do we know?!” Sent to a friend.

"are you sleeping" to @Kinga

“This book sucks.” - sent to a coworker. We’re both teaching a course that is required by the department to have a common textbook. And let me tell you. This textbook sucks.

"Where's the parking lot there? " To a workmate. We're gonna spend the day in the park this Sunday and have a picnic ☺

i'll tell you mines if you tell me yours too

My last outgoing one says, "I love you! Be safe!" I sent it to a friend as they were leaving for work yesterday evening.

"Thank you!! I put your work email down" sent to my last manager from my sales job

My roommate just got a new phone so she texted me to ask what the wifi password was. Also my mom sending me pictures of her dog.

I sent to my ex and lovely friend Nana: Do me a favour and sent my old cook book to the Leipzig Library. Kisses, Kate.

Check price for 5.5hp machine. A friend

A picture sent to my landlord! He needed to know about the gas bill.

'Those crazy fuckers did it - its going to the moon'. A friend.

'He has a sword called fucking TWINKLE, loves his friends and enjoys sunsets'

to a friend, I'm not even going to provide context cause it's so fucking weird without it

Nothing exciting, I mentioned I was going to get some fried chicken and my friend asked me to get some for him so I said 'OK' and I brought it over