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Most exotic dish/meal that you’ve eaten?


Most exotic dish/meal that you’ve eaten?

Fried kangaroo at the Mongol's.

Answered by nick

Chicken nuggets

I had a crocodile burger once

Frog legs or escargot, nothing too crazy. Frog legs taste like chicken and the escargot tastes exactly how you would expect it to



Shrek Ez Squirt ketchup

Skatefish. It's korean, wouldn't recommend it.

Tiger meat in bangkok.Turtle/pythons in kalimantan,Indonesia

Fried ants and fermented soy beans. Once tried both forgotten! Both had a taste that I wasn't made for. When my digestive system instantly shifts into reverse gear and reverses direction it's the 7th grade of disgust.

I had a pile of bacon salted grasshoppers once - surprisingly nice.

Katsu curry

maybe squirrel or rabbit, or escargot, maybe something seafood-related like shark, or eel, or octopus, or caviar (awful, do not recommend by the way)... maybe alligator, or grasshoppers or worms, I guess they would count - you's all can decide which of th


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I ate liver patte. It was okay 😊

An ostrich and beef Slim Jim. It was great. Soft and sweet. =p