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Mac and cheese— best eaten w a spoon or a fork?


Mac and cheese— best eaten w a spoon or a fork?

Spoon to scrape the sauce out of the bowl.

Usually a fork. Stab those little bitches

Fork. I have a thing about spoons. Feels weird to use them for anything other than soupy food.

I've never had it with a spoon, doesn't really make sense to eat it that way as it's noodles.

Errr I guess spoon - gotta nurse that cheesy pasta at the same time in the mouth.

Knife and fork on a plate

I’ve never used a spoon, but I’m not averse to it. I prefer to mop up any spare cheese sauce with the chips. (Let it go, macaroni and chips is thing where I come from.)

Everything must be eaten with a spoon to avoid injury

Eww I hate mac and cheese. Too much cheese can upset my stomach

Fork for the macs.... Lick the dish for the cheese😌

My habit is to start with a fork and to finish with a spoon. That is ok since I do the dishwashing myself anyway :)

With my hands, put some on my face and hair.

I like to eat it with a fork, but that's just my personal preference. I admit it's probably more efficient to eat it with a spoon. Funny, I was just thinking about this issue a few days ago when we had mac & cheese and I was deciding whether to get a spoon


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i think with a fork. bc good mac & cheese is so creamy, it coats the surface of spoons. so when i eat it when a spoon it feels like i have to lick the spoon off after every bite. if i don't lick it off, it doesn't feel right. it just becomes a chore. and y


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It's best eaten ... ideally you're dealing with a cheese sauce thick enough to be carried by either