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What was an item that you coveted as a child and why?


What was an item that you coveted as a child and why?

PlayStation. Never got one. The rich kids usually had one.

Answered by Arman

My raggedy Ann doll, not sure why, but I loved that thing.

I wanted a mermaid's tail so I could be a beautiful sea creature.

I did, incidentally, grow up to be a sort of sea creature.

Just dolls and sweets 😂

My Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh cards! Tbf I was right, made over £400 selling them this year (and they weren't in good condition at all). I liked them because it was such an instrumental part of my childhood and probably the first thing that felt valuable in my o


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Answered by Pandy


Answered by Saater

I wanted a miniature working model of a steam engine because it was adventurous and offered so much experimental fun, after that I wanted to have boobs like mum because I wanted the look and feel, and after that I wanted a scooter as it could provide indep


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mother's approval 😭 nah really I can't remember ever wanting any specific material item, always thought that I deserved whatever I got - no hopes and dreams and such

Roller skates ... I wanted to skate so badly...

Answered by cLOUD

An r/c hovercraft, Super Mario Bros. 3, an SNES.. I got all of those things. (I feel like I begged for a long time for the SMB3.) I can't explain why I coveted any of those things. :d

Answered by inhahe

RC helicopter

The big Barbie's House and the Playmobil mansion

Answered by MERIDA