What’s something you would never buy used?


What’s something you would never buy used?

Underwear, especially knickers - YUCK! You know when someone you don’t really want to have anything to do with keeps trying to be friends and is forever inviting you to places you don’t want to go to? Well, I went to this woman’s house once under duress. A friend of hers came round with a bag of stuff and said, “I’ve got some bras for you.” God knows where she’d gotten them from - the tip? - because they were so old they’d turned grey. Not that slightly ‘off’ colour white bras inevitably go after a good few washes, but a filthy, grubby grey. I was revolted but she was over the moon! Who knows, maybe she bleached them to death, but th


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Shoes. Certain items of clothing (underwear / bra / socks / etc)

consumables, perishables, those sorts of things, but I would also be wary of small-ish consumer electronics - things like TVs and most inkjet printers - nowadays they are cheap enough new that it's not worth it (unless the discount is enormous)

Underwear/condoms/a peanut butter & jelly sandwich