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Have you ever done a DNA kit (Ancestry, 23 and Me, etc)? Find out anything interesting or that surprised you?


Have you ever done a DNA kit (Ancestry, 23 and Me, etc)? Find out anything interesting or that surprised you?

I did several PCR tests as they're more economical and fulfilled a purpose other than "ME ME ME ME".

No chance. I don’t want my DNA hawked all over the internet thank you.

No. I've always wanted to find out more about it, but I can't afford it

No, I did not, but what I've been told about my ancestry is a big mess and I do not trust all that info as I suspect the info was heavily brushed up before they told me.

They're far from being reliable, unless you can corroborate it with your own genealogy research. My Nana was super interested in having one done so y dad bought her a 23andMe kit for her last birthday. Pretty much standard white european, mostly British Isles - a tiny bit of Scottish which she already knew about because she likes to look at the family tree and contact people who might have more info leading further back. I wouldn't trust any ''surprise'' to be honest - it would almost certainly be wrong.

No. Not yet but it sounds interesting. What about you?

Nah. I’m extremely homogeneous and can trace back my roots for at least seven generations. Plus, don’t want my dna on file

How could you have guessed I just bought one for my mom and guy I'm talking to? 👀 jk.. Well if he matches with me then "sweet home Alabama" lmao..

Mine wasn't very interesting:
79.5% British & Irish
17.8% French & German
2.6% Scandinavian
0.1% Unassigned

I do have more Neanderthal DNA than 99% of other 23andMe customers though, which is cool to know.

I would have to get paid to do a dna test, at least with those kits

No, but I wonder how many people have discovered they have a history of incest after using one of those.
Also, there was a notable Canadian white supremacist who found out he was 14% black after getting his ancestry checked.

I'm way more British than I have any business being - damn stinky colonizers SMH 😛