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What, if anything, has shaken you to your core?


What, if anything, has shaken you to your core?

The aggressive dumbness of people during the ongoing pandemic. They regard it as their genuine right to harm others.

I’m not easily shaken, but my brother’s suicide is the most traumatic thing I’ve ever had to go through.

If an angel wants to existentially terrify you to show you its true power without even a concept of danger, it can.

Probs my rape experience.

I literally trust NO ONE 100% anymore after that.

I worked with this Qanon dude that couldn't (or maybe wouldn't?) write or say the word "patron." He always wrote, read, and said aloud the word "patriot" instead. This happened a lot, because he was a supervisor at a casino. He had no other issues with language, reading, etc., and he wasn't joking around because he didn't joke around. He just seemed to genuinely think those words were interchangeable. Or it was almost as if he thought the word "patron" was made-up. At first I was like, "wow, I'm obsessed with this." After a few months of him never, not even one time, saying the word "patron" I was like "wow, I am shook and shaken to


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Losing my core 😆

But yeah, it's not nice.