LaDamaX asked 5 months ago

What is/are your goal(s) for today?

Meet friend for brunch. ✔️

Do some light shopping ✔️

Listen to The Flaming Lips new album again.✔️

Have afternoon snooze.✔️

Go for a curry.✔️

Collapse in bed stuffed with chicken karahi.✔️


Enjoy the sameness.


I have a date in the evening so the goal is to have my place cleaned TF up and to pick up some groceries so I can cook smth for her. and get cat food for the kitties

Wind down a bit and prepare myself for new job tomorrow


steal the documents from the embassy and make it back across the border undetected

Not dying of heat

Did harvest some courgettes and onion plus carrots and plan to make a Thai hot salad except for the courgettes. Will visit a friend who owns a terrace to spend the evening there and meet some other friends there. Must do my nails before since they look as


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I'm working on installing phpBB right now. This involves also installing php, MySQL and maybe a mail server since last time I tried I couldn't get any BBS software to work with Gmail.

I also have to wash the dishes (in the dishwasher) today.


Bought a new SSD on Prime Day to replace my old one, which is almost full. I need to clone it and then wanted to partition it in half so I can dual-boot Ubuntu.

Also have some work to catch up on since I left early on Friday. Might also wash and put away


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Tidy up my rooms.