💜 Spider Lilith 🕷 asked about 3 years ago

What's your type of people ?

💜 Spider Lilith 🕷

What's your type of people ?

Nice people I'd say, I don't really know...

J'aime beaucoup les personnes timides et qui ne réagissent pas beaucoup à ce que tu dis... Je sais pas pourquoi xD

Sinon j'aime bien les cheveux roux :3

Globally, not selfish persons, those who try to do their best (because that's what's important)

Mon type de personne, c'est assez globalement les personnes qui veulent.

People like you.

Je sais pas si y a vraiment un type de personne qui me correspond le plus. Si je réfléchis de façon égoiste, je pense que j'ai besoin de gens vivant et passionné autour de moi. Ils m'aident beaucoup. Mais je m'entends vraiment avec une variété plutot impre


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who care about me

Trans leftist people usually

Cute, geeky, good hearted...


Clearly similar political views is kind of important (I'm an anarcho-communist, most leftists are ok in my book). Otherwise bad jokes and humor also are big qualities, I also tend to get along with extrovert/ambivert people!

non cis het white men (with one exception). But more specific, people that make me feel confortable and remind me of the trust i once had. (also great cook but thats the stomach speaking) But otherwise i don't have really atype ause many fit that descri


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