Twitch Streamer, MMDer
💮 | 07/01 | ♋ | Pastel/Neon Freak | Autistic | Chronic ill

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Newbie Inspector asked 1 day ago

Can you learn from you’re mistakes?

Yes you absolutely can 👍 I’ve made mistakes in my life I don’t approve of any longer, and tried to fix it, but was stuck then it couldn’t be fixed, so you learn from it, acknowledge the mistakes you did, and work on yourself to never do it anymore

Newbie Inspector asked 1 day ago

what does a typical day in your life look like?

Atm I have study weeks, but normal days is:
6:30 I normally wake up and chill till my alarm at 7
7 to 7:25/30 I get ready for school
8:10 to 13:30 or 15:15 I’m in school
I chill on pc till
18:00 where I have dinner
18:30 till around midnight I continue gaming 💖

Newbie Inspector asked 1 day ago

fav motto?

Hmm that’s a hard one, maybe “see the positive even on rainy days” since I’ll always be chronically ill and that won’t change, so let’s try and make a living worthwhile 💖

Newbie Inspector asked 1 day ago

are you asexual?

Newbie Inspector asked 2 days ago

What's a phrase you use almost daily?

"Not today Satan, not today!" mostly if a boss tries to fight me when i'm just coming through (v rising) or just "fuck this shit i'm out" xD

Newbie Inspector asked 13 days ago

since you like jpop idols, do you have a kamioshi?

I think I actually have two: Kannagi Maro, also known as Fukuda Kanon, a former ANGERME member, and current METAMUSE member <3 she was always my fave in s/mileage, and as years went, i related more and more to her and her own struggles about herself, and felt inspiring, so are happy she's an alt idol and being happy!
Second is Aikawa Kozue! She was my fave dance cover artist, as well in Danceroid, and later on Dempa <3 she brought me joys for dance, and had the pleasure having her sign and saying i'm an international fan of 10 years

Newbie Inspector asked 3 days ago

Can you ride a bike?

Yup but haven't for long due to my helath// plus my bike has an issue where it skips part of the cog

Newbie Inspector asked 4 days ago

Would you rather live in a flat or in a house?

House, that way it can be more quiet and I’ll not have to worry about people hearing me

Newbie Inspector asked 8 days ago

do people generally have positive or negative first impression of you?

Newbie Inspector asked 8 days ago

How geography and math exam go?

Geography haven't been yet, and the written maths grade hasn't come yet, but yea failed oral maths I had a breakdown in the solo presentation, and every time they left my group i could the questions easily//

Newbie Inspector asked 10 days ago

how peoples' first impression of you?

Often it's that they think i'm 17-18, when in fact, i'm in my mid 20s lol it's just the inside thats dying faster. But when we talk more, they see one who overcame a decade of deep depression <3

Newbie Inspector asked 10 days ago

how deal with dark thoughts?

it can be very hard to deal with those thoughts, but with help of my pets and best friend who all listen to me, i can come out with it all <3 i also used to write it down so it was out of head. It's fully up to what you enjoy, but having a hobby you can distract with can also help, wish you the best <3

Newbie Inspector asked 13 days ago

Favourite couples activity?

i guess gaming? it's what i atm do with itto and we just have fun with it

Newbie Inspector asked 14 days ago

how music exam go?

It went well! I got 10 (B for American), and my teacher and examiner said i killed it as 1 of the vocals for our musical number (radioactive by imagine dragons)

Newbie Inspector asked 15 days ago

how many friends both irl and online do you have?

Hmm have a decent amount irl as we went to same school at one point, and ofc my best friend who I’ve known over a decade 💖 don’t know where I would be without her. Not sure how many online as I’m fine with socializing in my servers but have a few online ones 💖

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