Twitch Streamer, MMDer
💮 | 07/01 | ♋ | Pastel/Neon Freak | Autistic | Chronic ill

Back and forth worlds
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Newbie Inspector · 16h

How has your day been?

Newbie Inspector · 16d

What is one ability that you believe everybody should possess?

hmm unsure, but maybe be able to see what emotion the other has while talking? I struggle with this, and work on seeing body language to figure it out, but would help alot i could understand it faster

Newbie Inspector · 16d

If you could cure one disease, which would it be and why?

There's so many, but dementia or Alzheimer as the person deal with so much and their loved ones are heavily affected too </3

Newbie Inspector · 16d

What is your plan after school?

Not sure yet, may look into more education, or continue my streaming activities as I can stream without putting struggle on my body

Newbie Inspector · 16d

If you do not care about or want to use your GPA, what is the point of studying? Why not get a job instead?

So I have something to do :) My health is not the best still, and due to stopping at my former education (graphic design) I can't continue it without a contract, which my severe anxiety can't handle. I hope to find the thing I wanna do when I overcome my struggles

Newbie Inspector · 19d

What is your GPA?

Newbie Inspector · 19d

What are the two things you’d like to ask your pets?

what memory together do you love the most, and what treat and toy is your favorite?

Newbie Inspector · 19d

What is the strangest thing your teacher has ever done?

keep smiling no matter the time of day// she was called smiley and honestly became sorta creepy some days

Newbie Inspector · 19d

What is the best name for a cat?

Depends on color, gender and such, but a friends cat is called puss and is so cute!!

Newbie Inspector · 23d

What was your favorite childhood snack?

before turning three it was cheese sticks, which after 3 i hated, but loved honey cakes

Newbie Inspector · 23d

Are you religious?

nope. My family is very minimalist in religion, so funerals, confirmation, and baptize is what we go to church for (so traditions), but never go to church on Sundays or holidays

Newbie Inspector · 23d

What’s your lucky number?

13! was my student number through school and just liked it (bonus is the halloween relation)

Newbie Inspector · 23d

How did your last exam go?

Newbie Inspector · 1mo

the X interests selection comes from topics you actively engage with and doesn’t measure if you like or dislike something. maybe if you didn’t actively talk about things you dislike on all your accounts, you wouldn’t have that problem.

I know, just found it so funny lol Seiko don't deserve to be in one's interest for the shit she's done

Newbie Inspector · 1mo

What traits did you get from your parents?

Got my eye color from my mom, and my hair is a mix of dark brown from my dad, and a bit red from my mom! They had to check if I had my dads rare blood type in case one would blood poison the other, tho thankfully I didn't (don't know my blood type tho)

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