The girl of the million faces asked 6 months ago

Do you like mussels? How do you eat them?

i inhale them like a vacuum cleaner




I haven't had any in many years, but I have no problem eating them. Just put them in butter, chew on them a little for no reason, then swallow them I guess. I don't even remember.


I like them. They are a traditional dish here. First you have to prepare a spicy tasty soup of herbs and veg. Then cook the mussels in that soup. You get the hot pot with everything plus some bread and some fresh ground black pepper.


I don't think I've ever had em

I’ve only eaten them 2 or 3 times. I think they were cooked in white wine and garlic. They were tasty. I believe I might have also had them in a seafood stew.


I don't eat them a ton but I have no problem with them - usually just steamed, maybe with a wine sauce

I love them, especially in pasta.