The girl of the million faces asked 3 months ago

For all of u who feel attracted to females & regarding to bold women, do u feel intimidated when they're direct about what they want (you)?

I love bold women. My wife is not afraid to prove that.

No, that is the best thing that can happen, for both of us, no matter whether it is reciprocal.


Nah, spit in my mouth

Nah I love a bold woman :) so refreshing!


Well I'm done with her


No, I do not mind bold frankness. As long as it is put forward in a way that is civil and lets me decide and lets me the freedom to deny or accept. During our theatre project a woman asked me out on a date and was quite friendly but bold as she stated she


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I don't think so? It's never happened to me. I'd just be happy. Unless they weren't attractive to me, then I'd just feel awkward/stressed because I'd have to quickly think of a way to let them down gently. (I already know, though, I'd just tell them thanks


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No it makes it easier, that way I don't waste time over analyzing everything trying to figure out if she really does like me


Not intimidating at all, I just keep my spray bottle handy and give them a quick squirt if they get closer than I'm wanting



Nah, I like that. Just bc I'm a top doesn't mean I don't like the other person making the advances tbh

I mean, yeah, but then again I'm intimidated by a lot of things because of my anxiety 😂 It's definitely the good kind of intimidating, people who take charge can be super attractive as long as they aren't overbearing about it.