The girl of the million faces asked 3 months ago

What are you gonna get this Black Friday?

lol nothing. i'm not going out


Probably nothing


Honestly, I've already bought everything for christmas.


umm, gonna get WORK done probably. for cyber Monday however my future roommate and I are thinking of getting a communal TV

a minnie mouse armband for Kinga and maybe a vacuum cleaning robot


Nothing, I've practically been hemorrhaging money the last few months and need to take a break lol

Probably a lot of the christmas presents I intend to give. Maybe I buy something nice for myself - a new bluetooth speaker or something. We will see.



A nap

Maybe a TV for my kitchen.

All I get on Black Friday is back issue comics. But I won't be home to do that so I'll get nothing and LIKE IT.

I've already shopped for what I needed. To be honest I sort of think this Friday I will be really busy putting up Christmas decorations for a party I will be creating they are referred to as Posadas in Mexico but I am not sure if every kids here where I li


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Something black


i need a PC in a bad way..:)

clearance cranberry sauce