The girl of the million faces asked 3 months ago

What kind of magic you do with your hands?

I string thoughts into ideas and stories that can last forever.

Oh, you would love it 😏


Cooking ;-)


With my hands I do Handel.

The best


Grasp things


;) i don't think you really want to know my answer to that question

My hands are huge, so they can be painted green for She-Hulk sex stuff if that's what you're asking

  1. I can type 140 wpm
  2. I give great neck and back massages
  3. My hands/fingers are small so it's great for teeny detail-oriented tasks, as is often required in my lab work
  4. The very first time I sinned w my last serious gf she busted like 5 nuts in the

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One time I ran my fingers across my niece's back using my intuition to trace the pattern, and she said, "Who ARE you!?"

Another time I put my hand on my girlfriend's back while she was lying down, my intention being to heal her (I didn't say this), and s


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