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Do you question others' capacity to choose partner? And what about others capacity to get a partner?

the only person I worry about in that regard is ME


Mi mamá dice que las piedras rodando se encuentran y que en la mayoría de casos el canasto está bueno para el garrero.


Yeah, for example if you choose a phat partner, their performance won't be optimal, lots of girls discover the sad reality in bed.


Nah, thats effort.


I fuck up my own relationships, I would have a lot of nerve judging other peoples

No and no. I sometimes wonder about the choice of partner but its not my choice to make.

I would never get involved and I know it's none of my business, but some of the dodgy guys that my friend has went out with.... sometimes I can't help but wonder what the fuck is going through her head 😅


No, I don't really question others' capacity to choose a partner. I guess I don't really consider myself a social connoisseur enough to judge that. I mean, obviously some relationships don't work out in the end, and it's often due to a character flaw of on


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I see a lot of hard to believe matches, but who am I to judge them? Even a not perfect match might make people happy after all. But some pairings are..unbelievable and explosive to boot.


LOL people suck at choosing their partners. They almost always go for whatever's most exciting or feels good in the moment, but don't actually think practically in the long-term. People say I'm single because my standards are too high (they're really not


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Chase girls don't need capacity.Give a call to ask....hi..wanna dinner.Usually reply..fine