The girl of the million faces asked 5 days ago

Do you often change of phone number? How long has it been since you got your current phone number (mobile) ?

Nope. It’s been the same since like 2001.


I try to hang on to a phone for 2 years before upgrading. The last phone I had was the pixel 2 and I just got the latest Samsung a few months ago.

I've never changed it and I'd prefer not to, it would be a pain in the ass having to remember to update my number on everything


I've the same phone for number for over five years.


I've only changed mine once. I don't remember why, maybe I was switching carriers and taking my sister's friend's place in the plan or something, but I once had the opportunity to change my number to my sister's friend's number. I opted yes, just because I


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My mobile phone number is old, probably more than 10 years?


Nope, my first ever cell number has remained my number for eight years.


no , no need for that


It's been years, even bouncing around the country I kept the same number, not really much of a reason to change these days, except all those baby mommas I'm dodging 😛

I've had the same phone number since I got my first cell. That was almost 10 years ago


No. Above 10 years